About DiCrete Construction...

We're famous for our curbs!

DiCrete has been a leader in the concrete construction industry since its inception in 1987. Our core service is to provide residential, industrial and commercial infrastructure for a broad base municipal and private clientele.

Using global positioning to pour concrete curbs for new munipical subdivisions and a wide range of projects such as parking lots, industrial and commercial roads.

During the past 25 years, as a member of the TACC Group of companies, our team has combined extensive engineering knowledge with quality management and delivering exceptional service.

DiCrete’s project managers and site supervisors provide leadership and a level of service and reliability which has enabled us to meet all of our clients ongoing requirements.

Always looking to enhance its service, DiCrete has embraced the latest technologies and techniques, including using Global Positioning Systems to pour concrete curbs for new Municipal Subdivisions.

From the company’s President, down to our site field crews, our goal is to deliver quality service and support — second to none, and appreciated by all.

Supporting our local communities

Dicrete is a proud supporter…